Advantages of working with video translator

High-quality video translation and duplication is becoming an increasingly relevant and demanded service. The video format is actively replacing all other information sources and comes out on top in the world. Thanks to the videos, new information is perceived faster and better. You can also promote your product on other sites. Professional video translation from is a guarantee of quality and getting the result within a few minutes.

Benefits of working with

  • Online video translation can be done by yourself. The popular video hosting YouTube offers subtitles. This option is possible only if you already have a good command of the topic and, even with possible inaccuracies, fully grasp the whole essence of what is happening on the screen.
  • If you need a high-quality dubbed translation, then you need to work with professionals. is just such an option.
  • Rapid audience growth and increased revenue. Video content production is a popular area for many. Leading organizations are focused on educational and entertainment content. If you need to bring your videos to the international level, then a quality dubbed translation will be the first tool for future success. It is very convenient that you can immediately order a translation into several languages, and then post the video on popular platforms. This will allow you to quickly increase your audience and attract new viewers. Thanks to this, you can quickly monetize the channel.
  • Attracting advertisers. With the growth of an active audience on the channel, potential advertisers may be interested in cooperation. This will not only increase revenue, but also improve the quality of the content produced.
  • The speed of work. is a 100% automated translation system that takes just a couple of minutes to process a video. On average, 1 minute of raw material is processed within 1-2 minutes. You get lightning-fast, high-quality results. It is also very convenient that you can additionally order an edited transcript. This will eliminate the possibility of translation errors.
  • Affordable cost. The price of 1 minute of a new translated and professionally dubbed video starts at $ 0.9. It is very easy to find out the final cost of the work. has a telegram bot. You just need to launch it, download the link to the source material, indicate the original language and the target language. After that, the calculation will be done automatically. You can pay for the service in a way convenient for you. Pay for the edited transcript separately if you need to receive such material.
  • Cost savings. Previously, in order to make a high-quality video translation, it was necessary to look for dubbing actors, and professional translator. Do not forget about studio rent, equipment and other technical expenses. With, it is enough to pay a fixed amount and get a high-quality finished product.

When placing a request, you can order a translation from 50 available languages. Choose a male or female voice. Everything is as fast and convenient as possible.

How video translator works

Online video translation on the service can be done in just a few clicks.

  1. Download the link to the source.
  2. Select the language to translate into.
  3. Receive an invoice and pay it.
  4. Wait a couple of minutes and you will get the finished result. opens up new possibilities for you. Now you can do video translation easily and without problems, getting up-to-date information literally first-hand. Travel, study, achieve new success in work with the convenient service.