How it works

Video translations – who might need them? It’s pretty simple – everyone needs them! And this is far from an exaggeration. The flow of information is changing at such a speed that often you can find the information you need only in foreign sources. Now the video format is becoming the leading one in the field of education, work, trade, including international.

You can make a video translation yourself, but it will take a lot of time and effort, and the result may not satisfy. In order not to be pulled away from your core focus, contact professionals. Here you will get a fast and high-quality online video translation at an affordable price.

Video translation – work algorithm is a unique service for fast video translation and dubbing. The system works reliably and smoothly, and you will receive the results within a few minutes.

First you need to find the right source. The video must have good picture and sound quality. It is good when one person speaks or gives a lecture or a webinar. You should not choose videos with group performances for translation in noisy halls where there is an active dialogue or music is playing in the background or there is other extraneous noise. After selecting the video:

  1. Upload a file or a link to it into the program.
  2. Select the source language and the one into which you want to translate.
  3. Then choose a voice: male or female.
  4. Receive an invoice for the service, pay for it, and the finished material will be available to you within a few minutes.

For 1 minute of a new video, you need to pay from $ 0.9. For your convenience, launched a telegram bot and it can calculate the cost of the finished work online. Just download the link and select all the necessary settings

Benefits of working with a video translator

On the website, you can receive a translation within a few minutes. A well-coordinated team of professionals works. Cooperation with means: video translation, in which the picture and voice-over are fully synchronized; the ability to get a translation in any of 50 languages:

  • male and female voices to choose from;
  • API for regular corporate clients and developers;
  • convenient payment options for services;
  • favorable rate;
  • additionally edited transcript with high quality translation.

On average, order processing takes 1-2 minutes for 1 minute of work on the original video. When placing an order, you should also choose the quality of the desired work:

  1. In the first version, you will receive an automatic translation, in which technical errors are possible. In general, the very essence of the video will be fully preserved and understandable. Such a solution is relevant for training and work.
  2. In the second option, you will receive a fully edited transcript without errors. Such a translation is made at a high level and it can be used for blogs, broadcasts.

Also on the site you can order a duplicate translation and verification of the transcript. You need to pay a separate invoice for it, the cost of the service is determined individually when placing an order.

Why is it profitable to work with

The latest technologies of an online video translator have several benefits:

  • It is enough to quickly increase the audience and start monetizing the channel. This is relevant for bloggers who are looking for new material for themselves from foreign colleagues or who themselves want to enter international platforms. You can order professional translations in several languages at once – this will draw more attention to the videos.
  • Get quick results at a favorable price. With, you won’t have to wait weeks for a finished translation. Just a few minutes and you can evaluate the results.
  • Save money. The price for translating a video is affordable for everyone, and in the past it was necessary to pay much more for translation and dubbing. The price included the work of the actors, the rental of equipment and a recording studio. works for you around the clock in any country. Download the selected videos, pay for the translation and get the desired result within a couple of minutes.