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Our company is the exclusive representative of Vidby (Switzerland)

Video content is that informational tool that allows you to instantly receive necessary and relevant information. It is rightfully considered the highest quality way of communicating with audience. Thanks to video, you can study, develop your business, discover the subtleties of desired of an area of interest and simply expand your horizons. Often the necessary information is available on foreign sites, and to obtain it, you need to translate the video. Until recently, this service would have been time – consuming and quite expensive, but vidby.io challenges these stereotypes.

Best video translator

Vidby.io is a unique video translator whose services are distinguished not only by excellent quality, but also by an affordable price.

When do you need video translations:

  • Video translation is often necessary for pupils, students and those who strive to gain knowledge outside the basic program. Online educational lectures allow you to improve the quality of knowledge and better prepare for exams. This service is especially in demand among those who are planning to enter a university in another country.
  • High-quality video translation is often required in international companies. Employees must clearly understand what tasks are set for them in their work. You may also need a video translation before the presentation of a new product that is just entering the market.

The video translator vidby.io, thanks to the latest technology, allows you to get a high-quality translation almost instantly. It saves you time by delivering the results you want.

Advantages of Vidby.io video translator

Professional video translation from Vidby.io allows you to:

  • Increase coverage. Very important for those who produce their own content and want to expand their audience. If the video is translated with high quality, it will become available to residents of many countries. This will increase the number of subscriptions and can help monetize the channel and attract advertisers.
  • Increase income. Many novice bloggers are building an audience for a long time, looking for sponsors. If the video will be released on international platforms, it may interest potential customers for the development of your business.
  • Get quick results. You can get the finished result for the desired video in just a couple of minutes. At the same time, the quality of work will be simply impeccable.
  • Minimize costs and get maximum results. If previously it was necessary to look for professional actors for translation and dubbing, separately negotiating contracts with them and rent a studio and equipment; Vidby.io quickly solves all these problems. The preparatory stage is left out, you get only the result without delays and at an affordable price.

Working with the Vidby.io service is very convenient. You save time, money and get results almost instantly upon a specific request.

How an online translator works

To get started with Vidby.io you need:

  1. Find a link to the source.
  2. Paste the link into the Vidby.io program.
  3. Specify the target language.
  4. Pay for the service and get the finished result.

It is very convenient that Vidby.io has a telegram bot. It can pre-calculate the cost of the translation. It is enough to follow the link on the website, download the link to the video and indicate the original language and the language into which you want to translate and the voice of the announcer. After that, the bot will automatically calculate the cost of the work.

Additionally, you can check the finished transcript. This is often necessary in order to eliminate possible errors. To pay for the transcript, follow the link to the web editor and select the video format there.

Vidby.io opens up new possibilities

High-quality video translations help you develop your business, watch content that is not yet on your market, or promote your material on foreign platforms.

Choose quality work at an affordable price, because Vidby.io offers the best translation in just a few clicks.