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Now translation is available in Telegram in just a few steps! Insert the YouTube video link. Specify the original language and the language into which you want to translate the video. Choose a voice. The bot will automatically calculate the cost of video translation. You also have the opportunity to check the transcript to avoid possible speech recognition errors and improve the quality of the translation. To do this, you will need to follow the link to our web transcript editor, select the video format and pay.

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New opportunities

With Vidby, new possibilities will open up for you.
Translation of video of any length and complexity at an affordable price. Be the first to watch videos that are not yet
on the Ukrainian market. Translate educational videos with new information. Keep up to date with world news. Take your business to a foreign market with Vidby.
Discover new cities on your travels by translating videos from locals.

New video translation capabilities
video translation in a few clicks

Translation in a few clicks

It has never been easier to translate a video.
Vidby requires only a few steps.
Insert the link of the video you want to translate, specify the language you want to translate the video into, pay and receive the video. Vidby supports major video formats: mp4, mkv, avi.
More than 50 languages available.

Vidby as a way to make money

Nowadays, video content is more popular than ever because it’s a simple way to get information. Also, it is a way for bloggers to make money. But if you want to bring your content to the foreign market, then professional translation and dubbing of videos will take a lot of time and will be expensive.

Vidby will help you quickly, affordable and inexpensively translate video content into more than 50 foreign languages. And with the help of a transcript, you can additionally correct all the nuances of the translation.

video translation and dubbing with Vidby

How to order a translation

Video instruction


Average lead time is 1-2 minutes of waiting for 1 minute of original video.

There are two options for ordering depending on quality.

Option 1. Fully automatic translation will make it possible to understand the meaning of the video, but it will contain errors. Option 2. Manual checking and editing of the transcript in our convenient editor. If you edit the result of speech recognition, then the quality of translation into all languages will be very good and practically will not be inferior to a person.

Yes, for now you have to get in touch with us and pay a separate fee. Soon you’ll be able to order the validation by professionals when placing your order.

In order to get the best quality translation, it’s better to use a video with good voice recognition quality and intelligible speech.  The whole video should be in one language with only one speaker at a time.

We do not recommend translating the following videos: humor, videos with loud music or extraneous noise in the background, where several people speak at the same time, where emotions and intonation need to be conveyed, several languages ​​are used, terms or words from other languages ​​are used, jargon, or obscene vocabulary.

Please contact our support team support@vidby.com


  • Synchronization of video and voice
  • More than 50 languages ​​available for translation
  • Female and male voices
  • API for developers and corporate clients
  • Convenient tariff and payment methods
  • Ability to edit the transcript and get excellent translation quality

for 1 minute of the new video